Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's hard to make sandwiches interesting.

And here in my Garden Of Eden there’s a coming thunder
Well maybe if it tears me to pieces it will kill this aching hunger
- Steve Vai, "Aching Hunger"

The title of this blog is probably the truest thing that I've written so far. It's very difficult to make eating sandwiches and rice interesting, because frankly it isn't.

I walked to work again today, and noticed that I am rapidly wearing out the back of my Vans. To be fair, I only paid twenty dollars for them, but I'd expect better life out of these shoes. It's got to be hell on people who can only afford five dollar Target or Wal-Mart shoes, whose soles and backs would assuredly wear out faster than my Vans (trust me, I've owned my fair share of five dollar shoes in my life).

While the monotony of eating the same thing day in and out continues, there is hope on the horizon. Either tomorrow or Friday, I'll be going to get new groceries, and with that development comes some diversity in my diet, and hopefully some exuberance for eating. It was three in the afternoon today before my stomach finally decided to be hungry enough to choke down a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly, because I can't afford it).

My feet are sore, my disposition is sour, and I'm eating some more red beans and rice in between typing sentences in the blog.

Maybe the chicken will have me feeling more creative.

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