Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Complete proteins for minimal costs.

Knowledge reveals itself once, making persuasion the knife...
-Saviour Machine, "Christians and Lunatics"

A man can do anything for a week. After that, it stops being an experiment and becomes a lifestyle. During the first week of this experiment, I was mad at the experiment. I grumbled and complained because of my hunger, I hated the way I felt, etc. Now that it feels more like a lifestyle, I'm just upset about my life.

To elaborate further on the last blog that I wrote, yes, I choked on a bit of roast yesterday, which put me off to the whole "eating roast" thing. To be more accurate, I gagged on a piece of fat. There's nothing in the world like having a partially congealed piece of fat stuck in the top of your throat, and in my experience, there's nothing that will make the rest of your food come up faster than that. I'm sticking to potatoes for the time being, at least they don't have any fat to get hung up on.

The rapid weight loss I was experiencing at the beginning of the month has tapered off. I suppose my body is getting used to operating on a different kind of fuel and working harder on that amount of fuel. I know it hasn't affected my irritability any at all - I just snapped on a woman who was trying to sell me advertising space when she playfully admonished me for not advertising in her publication. Sorry, anonymous Yellow Book salesperson, I didn't mean to be quite so harsh to you. Blame it on the low levels of sugar in my system.

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are certainly filling, and they provide a good blend of potassium and protein that will keep my energy levels high and consistent throughout the day. The problem is that after eating them for a few days in a row, it's hard to choke down that next one. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Tomorrow should be interesting, as I'll get a chance to skate for fun for the first time in a while. Maybe that will lift my spirits.

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