Sunday, June 17, 2007

I need to take better care of my feet.

Eatin' red beans and rice with the rat's hole, it's nice or anything you wanna try.
-ZZ Top, "Down Brownie"

The title of today's blog isn't as witty as I'd like it to be, as it's just a literal statement of the truth. I've got to start taking care of my feet, especially with as much mileage as I've been putting on them lately. Today's seven miles of hiking proved the point more clearly than anything else so far.

I'll have pictures of me hiking later, as I forgot to put a media card into my digital camera, and so must wait for my friends to develop and scan their pictures. What really interests me today is the reaction this blog has gotten that you guys haven't seen.

I have had several people email me and comment on what a great, Christian thing it is I'm doing here. Now, unless I've just forgotten it, I've never actually mentioned my religious beliefs in this blog. I've always felt that if you just live your life in accordance with your beliefs, you don't have to wave a flag and let everyone know what religion you follow. Guess I was right.

One of the editors of a very cool e-zine called Wrecked for the Ordinary contacted me the other day about writing about the challenge for their site. On Wednesday, you can head over there to read a far more coherent version of the last few weeks.

I promise that tomorrow I'll write a lengthier, more prosaic post: right now my headache and sore feet are preventing me from thinking clearly. (My feet will still be sore tomorrow, but at least my head won't hurt. Hopefully.)

Currently full on: a bowl of spaghetti.

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