Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blisters and Leftovers

I'm a potato and I'm so hip
-Devo, "I'm a Potato"

Walking six miles when you're completely unused to it can be taxing. Your back will get stiff, you will most likely sweat (and if you're doing it in Georgia, like I am, it could be in December and you will still sweat), and if you're wearing shoes that don't fit well, socks with the wrong kind of seam, or any number of other factors, you're going to have blisters on your feet.

The day started out better than yesterday did - I woke up in enough time to cut a slice off my trusty Vidalia onion and chop up a potato to make home fries, which was one half of my breakfast (along with two pieces of toast and a glass of water). I was slightly amused by the fact that I was going to be eating a potato with every meal today - home fries for breakfast, a baked potato as a side dish for lunch, and leftover roast for supper. We are a meat and potatoes nation.

But, unfortunately, after breakfast it was time to walk to work, and you've probably guessed the results from the first paragraph, I developed small blisters on the skin just beneath my big toe on both feet. From my best guess, they were formed because of the type of sock I wore today - an unlucky choice with an unwelcome result.

It's remarkable what a difference a little heat will make to a meal. My cold sandwich was much like the cold sandwiches yesterday - palatable, but not particularly appealing. The difference for today was the potato. Microwaving a potato is probably the least appetizing means of baking it, but having a hot meal has a palpable effect on the spirit. It makes you forget your sore feet and aching back. It's just good, in some fundamental way.

Overcast skies and competing events kept most people away from the shop today, so I had a lot of time to plan future meals (and do all of my usual workday activities - play Super Smash Brothers and other incredibly taxing activities). I've got some exciting ideas about next week's grocery purchases, and I hope everything turns out the way I've got it in my head.

The leftover roast was good, and it drove home something I need to keep in mind - we are a wasteful nation. Many people (at times, myself included) will simply refuse to eat leftovers. They're unwilling to subject themselves to what they view as "second class" food (or, as my sister used to call it, "recycled" food). Like the twenty-five million Americans on food stamps, a good portion of this month will be made up of leftovers for me, simply because it's easier to make a large meal and divide it into several days worth of servings than to make a new meal three times a day.

If my blisters have healed themselves by tomorrow morning, I'll be hiking in the morning. The three mile loop that I have planned should be a nice change from six miles of urban terrain.


Nancy said...

One thing I've always wanted to do, but never really had the space or time for, was have a garden. I've been reading this blog for a little while now, and I really like what this guy has to say.

Maybe when you get the time, money, and energy to deal with the initial setup, you might think about making a garden and growing some of your own produce?

nick. said...

I've actually got a small garden, but I won't be using any of the fruits or vegetables that come from that garden this month. I highly recommend that anyone on a budget grow some of their own staples - tomatoes, herbs, etc.

Find some easy-to-grow items and start with that (what is easy to grow will depend on your climate). There's a lot of satisfaction to be gained from eating something you grew.

Manda said...

A good way to help with blisters is to tape your toes. Put a cotton ball under your big toe and tape it up. When I wear certain dress shoes for work events, I have to do this or I will have blisters the next day.

I'll keep reading, I promise.

Love ya!