Thursday, June 7, 2007

I am officially full.

So I'll chase this sunset until I reach it...
The Apprentice, "My Frustration"

If I were a congressman or governor, this would be the end of my challenge, and I'd be ending it on a high note. My belly is full, my feet feel fine, my only complaint is that my back aches and that's got nothing to do with the challenge. Yes, if I were ending after a week, I'd say that it's definitely possible to do this.

The thing is, I'm almost out of the stuff I bought this week, and I know that I've got a little over three weeks to go on the challenge, meaning that I can't give such a happy, glowing report. I know that I've got to continue walking to work, I've got to continue eating sparingly (except for nights like tonight when I stuff myself), and I've got to keep in mind that I'm doing all of this for a reason, because otherwise it is way too tempting to order some Chinese food and eat until I feel sick.

It's hard for me to focus on this blog when I've got so much going on in my life aside from the challenge, so you'll have to excuse this rut of short entries that I've fallen into. I promise I'll describe my hunger pains in more vivid detail later.

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